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Advertising in the state-wide Minnesota 2x2 Display Network is inexpensive, convenient, and has consistently obtained great results for our clients.

Or, if you prefer, it's "cheap, easy, and effective."

About the Ad Program

Your ad runs once each week in more than 280 local newspapers throughout Minnesota, ranging in size from several dailies to small-town weeklies, and located geographically in every part of the state.

Choose from three sizes:
• 2-columns wide by 2-inches high
• 2-columns wide by 4-inches high
• 2-columns wide by 8-inches high

There are also regional options if your target area is only a portion of the state.


Pricing is in the next column. If you were to place a 2x2 ad in each participating newspaper individually, the cost would be more than $14,380.

However, coordinated through this program of the Minnesota Newspaper Association (MNA), each paper allows a huge discount for a limited number of ads to make this opportunity available.


Simply place one order with us and your ad is routed through the system into all the participating newspapers.

Deadline is Tuesday morning at 10:30 (earlier near major holidays), and each paper runs the ad in its next available edition. One payment takes care of everything.

If you desire, a single tearsheet and affadavit stating proof of publication is provided by MNA.


Our clients keep coming back because this program has proven results with effective ads.

Local newspapers still have a greater "reach" than any other media, so approaching people through their hometown newspaper with content they are interested in only makes sense.

Not only that, but nothing else can come close to the cost per view on this scale -- at the industry average of 2.3 readers per copy, that comes out to less than three-quarters of a cent per view! Ask any marketing professional if he/she likes those numbers.

As with any advertising, consistency improves performance, so ordering a statewide 2x2 ad schedule along with a major ad campaign increases the effectiveness of both.


The new 2x8 size is now available!

This gives plenty of space to present a message, explain benefits, or list multiple contact points.

Compare the value to price: a statewide 2x8 ad place in each paper individually would cost $57,520 instead of $11,500.

Check out the one-zone option also, which is only $3,000 for a $10,972 value.

As with all sizes, a limited number of spots are available each week in this program, so book early to guarantee your position.

Minn. Statewide Newspaper Advertising

Choice of Two Sizes
2 columns wide (3.5") x 2 inches high
2 columns wide (3.5") x 4 inches high
2 columns wide (3.5") x 8 inches high


2 columns
by 2 inches

2 columns
by 4 inches

2 columns
by 8 inches
Metro only




North, Central, and South regions available:
one region
2 regions
3 regions

Metro plus regional combinations:
metro plus one other region
metro plus two regions



Statewide Total

(less than $9 per newspaper)



(A statewide 2x4 ad run in each newspaper individually would cost about $28,698)


There are limited number of ad spaces available each week, so reserve early for specific dates.
Deadlines: Tuesday mornings, 10:30

SPECIAL: Buy 3 weeks, 4th is FREE
(Must run consecutively and with same ad copy)

We can also produce your ad if you need.

For those familiar with Minnesota, the northern zone generally follows the 218 telephone area code; central zone is 320, and southern zone is 507.


• See list of participating MN newspapers (pdf)

• Download information sheet to print (pdf)

Sorry, political ads are not eligible for this program.

To place your statewide/regional ad or campaign, contact:

Herald Journal Publishing

120 6th St. N., PO Box 129,
Winsted, MN 55395

Metro 320-485-2535
Toll-free 800-567-8303

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or contact any of our marketing representatives directly:

This is the official program operated by the Minnesota Newspaper Association; marketed by Herald Journal Publishing.

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• We can place your ad into other states through similar programs as well – again with one easy order to reach a large area at deeply discounted rates.

• If this program doesn't quite match your geographic needs, we can customize an ad placement order for you in multiple newspapers. We'll take care of the work of dealing with varying column sizes, deadlines, etc.

• Another program available is the Minnesota Classified Ad Network – a 25-word ads runs in all participating papers for $279 per time ($10 each for additional words).

• Need an online component? Minnesota newspapers also have an advertising program on their web sites available – this may be ordered independently or combined with print. Please call for details, 320-485-2535.

• Campaign management: similar to placing an ad or series of ads for you, we have worked extensively in creating complete marketing campaigns using a variety of media and promotional tools (print, web, signage, direct mail, broadcast, novelty items, etc.). Again, please call to discuss the details and many options: 320-485-2535.

To place your statewide/regional ad or campaign, contact:

Herald Journal Publishing
120 6th St. N., PO Box 129, Winsted, MN 55395

Metro 320-485-2535, Toll-free 800-567-8303

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